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Our Approach Our Approach

The success of a social action campaign hinges on our ability to galvanize communities around important issues through clear, actionable steps. And true social change doesn’t happen in the short-term; moving the needle today must set the stage for an ever-changing tomorrow.

At ProSocial, our tailored approach is rooted in ambitious analytical research underpinned by intensive campaign management. High-impact social change comes from a continuum of processes – activity we customize based on the goals and priorities of our clients.

Rigorous Research and Fact-Based Analysis

ProSocial’s in-depth research approach is a key differentiator from what you’ll find at social marketing and “outreach” companies.

"ProSocial gets it. They understand the power of entertainment media to empower real, long-term change that goes beyond awareness." Matthew Modine

We work with clients to define goals and conduct in-depth landscape analyses to understand critical unmet needs and uncover opportunities for impact. We ask the hard questions. And we break out of the box and dive into the field, drawing on our networks and relationships for expertise, while simultaneously identifying long-term partners.

Innovative Strategy and Campaign Architecture

Together with our clients, we design campaign strategies that build, educate and activate audiences, communities and customers.

We propose creative solutions for complex social questions, bringing to the table the leading experts, organizations and influencers as partners, while leveraging our expertise in media to propose opportunities for integrating media properties, platforms, and tools in order to maximize that engagement. Our campaigns are rooted in authenticity with an eye toward sustainability, and we never design a campaign that can’t be measured.

Intensive Metrics-Driven Campaign Management

When we’re not designing strategies, we’re managing our clients’ campaigns. Our team lives in our campaigns, coordinating partner actions, building audiences, delivering on deadlines, and achieving results. We capture data in real time, allowing clients to reassess, readjust and allocate resources as effectively as possible.

ProSocial crafts successful campaigns by taking a top-down approach, leveraging the visibility and attractiveness of entertainment media, in combination with a bottom-up approach, eliciting grassroots action via nonprofits, business, and governments. This integrated philosophy employs our cross-sector network to cultivate broader reach.

We measure our success by our social and economic impact.