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ProSocial Outreach Services ProSocial Outreach Services

Every year, a few films come along that are the perfect catalysts for sparking conversation, building awareness, and, ultimately, achieving social change. They tackle an issue ripe for engagement, they tell a story in a new or innovative way and they have a team dedicated to reaching as many people as possible.

To that end, our team has launched ProSocial Outreach Services. It’s designed for films that can get people talking about a new issue, debating solutions to a daunting societal challenge or becoming evangelists for change. We’ll be working with filmmakers and distributors who see the societal potential for their film, and want to do what they can to get it in front of the organizations, communities and audiences that can help them reach that potential. It draws on some of what we do best, taking a core component of the more in-depth engagement work we do for clients with larger budgets and timelines, and making it available to a larger field of potential projects.  We couldn’t be more excited to get started.


The Offering

Traditional publicity and paid advertising have their place. To get to the best, most promising audiences, however, you have to go deeper. ProSocial Outreach Services is designed to maximize audience through strategic outreach and position your film as a tool for dialogue, awareness, and action. We’ll identify core issue areas in your film, recruit the best possible local and national partners and design and execute the game plan for leveraging that outreach to maximize broadcast, theatrical or other distribution. We’ll work closely with the rest of your team as the release approaches, expanding your coalition of partners, assisting with tastemaker screenings and developing stories – both local and national – that can feed your publicity efforts. If needed, we can map out and manage your social media activity as well.

When your release arrives, you won’t just have the largest possible audience; you’ll have communities primed to talk about the issues explored in your film and considering actions they can take, extending the potential for your impact and increasing the size of your audience.

The Timeline

While it’s never too early to start, this service works best when distribution is 3-6 months away, allowing enough time to develop materials and timelines, and to begin building the relationships with the groups and individuals that will extend your reach.

The Films

This approach isn’t for everyone. We’re looking for filmmakers (and other stakeholders) who have distribution in place and are looking to make the most of it. Your film should include issues and storylines that will allow us to draw on the passions and interests of like-minded communities, and will provide an authentic way to build awareness, and, ultimately, spark action.  To make this offering affordable for more film teams, we’ve organized it in a way that moves fast.

The people out there – they might not know it, but they want to see your film. You can buy an ad or get a good review, but the best way to attract and activate an audience is to go to the groups out there audiences already trust. Through our years of experience we know those groups, what they need and how we can work together. Let’s talk about how we can put them to work for you and your film.

For an example of ProSocial Outreach Services at work, read this case study.

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