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The Need The Need

The field of “social change” is crowded and increasingly trendy. Today, consumers expect brands to be sustainable and philanthropic, and audiences actively look for more than entertainment. They want to be informed and inspired.

"Maximizing the social impact of a great vision or idea is never easy. But that is what ProSocial does. They help organizations and causes think and act strategically to get extraordinary results." John E. Kobara
Executive Vice President and Chief Operating Officer
California Community Foundation

With this increasing social consciousness, however, society has lost touch with the true meaning of “change.” High-visibility campaigns draw enormous awareness to key societal issues; but too often, these efforts stop short. At ProSocial, we recognize the value of building awareness, but also know that it’s only a step along the way. Awareness alone doesn’t change the world. True change-making requires more.

We understand that change is hard work. Our mission is to create meaningful public engagement in the pursuit of measurable and sustainable change. But that’s not always easy. It takes time, commitment, resources, and strategic thought to spark true, long-term social change.