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Who We Work With Who We Work With

Across multiple sectors, we empower our clients to drive social change aligning with their organizational mission. Engagements with clients take multiple forms, from multiyear engagements to hourly consulting. The constant is a genuine commitment to social change and a rare understanding of how prosocial public engagement doesn’t only improve the world, but also increases audience size, donor pools, and market share.

The changemakers we work with often defy convention, but typically align with at least one of four communities:

"They understand the balance between identifying opportunities for social impact and keeping an eye on business goals. They know that social good informs good business, and vice versa." Tina Sharkey
Past Chairman and Global President, BabyCenter


Extending the Impact of Story

ProSocial works with clients who are developing, producing, and distributing media. From documentaries, narrative features, and television series, to books, magazines, and music, we shape campaigns leveraging partnerships with businesses, nonprofits, and influential individuals.

Throughout the campaign, online activity and offline action drive ongoing impact, extending the life of media and the reach of stakeholder investments.

Corporate Social Impact

Aligning Public Engagement with Mission

Many of our business clients are already laying the foundation for public engagement with successful “CSR” initiatives. We take them a step further, expanding efforts to draw closer connections to customers through social action.

ProSocial audits corporate social responsibility efforts to identify gaps and establish goals for better brand alignment and social impact. We develop and manage sustainable impact campaigns, identify “corporate causes” and develop philanthropic programs.

The impact initiatives that build from these campaigns inspire both our clients and their constituencies, turning consumers into activists and capturing momentum that empowers change while building brand loyalty.

Social Sector

Cultivating Opportunity for Impact

ProSocial partners with social enterprises – mainly nonprofits, foundations, government entities, and cross-sector alliances – to assess current initiatives and uncover additional avenues for sustainable social change. We develop mission-driven campaigns to identify opportunities for impact and implement strategic solutions, working hand-in-hand to optimize infrastructure, cultivate partnerships, and support growth. We also connect our clients with emerging entertainment media, music and sports opportunities to further their missions, expand their reach and elevate their impact.


Leveraging the Power of One

We assist philanthropists and other influencers from worlds such as media, entertainment, sports, and academia to turn their passion for causes into effective, high-impact social change initiatives.