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ProSocial to Support Release of “Emperor”

January 18, 2013

As the U.S. closes the chapter on a decade of war abroad, we are reminded of our country's role in global peace. What is our moral obligation to the nations we leave behind? Can we look to the past to build a future of understanding, justice, forgiveness and tolerance? Can the end of a war more than half century old offer guidance for a more peaceful tomorrow?

The often untold story behind the U.S. Occupation in Japan after WWII offers particularly poignant insight into these complex, and very current questions. This March 8, Roadside Attractions is bringing "Emperor" to movie theater audiences around the country, and we are thrilled that they’ve hired ProSocial to assist with the release of this powerful story.

Starring Matthew Fox and Oscar-winner Tommy Lee Jones, "Emperor" tells the story of General Douglas MacArthur and Brigadier General Bonner Fellers in post-World War II Japan, and the difficult and unique process they went through to exempt Emperor Hirohito from persecution, even as the American public cried for a war crimes trial. History shows that the decision to not prosecute the leader was morally and strategically sound, but politically unpopular.

While Fellers' and MacArthur's decision was surprising, if not sympathetic, it is also extremely relevant - lending to the larger conversation of how post-war policies can alter the cultural and political relationships as much as war itself. The film both illuminates the historical significance of the Emperor's exoneration, while also serving as guidance for the road ahead for America and the Middle East, as they confront the far-reaching effects of war.

ProSocial is assisting with outreach to affinity groups and working with partner organizations to spark dialogue around the film and the issues it spotlights.