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UCLA Family Commons Taps ProSocial

March 04, 2013

Too often we show up too late when it comes to social and emotional wellness for our children, adolescents and families. We usually rely on intervention, only acting when a problem gets bigger – a misbehaving child, a troubling family relationship, or trouble in school – when there are steps we could take much earlier to prevent problems from developing in the first place.

For five years, the UCLA Family Commons has been working within the Los Angeles community to build family wellness. It’s designed to transform science into practical training models that are applied in various program formats from family coaching workshops to mixed martial arts classes and reinforced through curated learning materials.

With centers in Santa Monica and Los Angeles’s Koreatown, the UCLA Family Commons is poised to build from its successes and take its science-based approach beyond the bricks and mortars and to families around the country and around the world. ProSocial is working with its team this spring to develop the best strategy for doing just that.