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The Grassroots Organize Behind Wendell Berry

December 20, 2013

In a number of our projects, we have the honor to connect with society’s best thinkers, artists and activists. It’s pretty rare, however, for us to work on a project with someone who encapsulates all three.

This summer, we received a call from the Schumann Media Center. Bill Moyers, who is President of the Center, had just completed a very rare interview with the writer, activist and Kentucky farmer, Wendell Berry. The interview was set to air in October on Moyers & Company on public television stations across the country, and they wanted to see what could be done to extend the reach as far and wide as possible. Berry has a very strong following in the environmental, religious, sustainable farming and literature arenas, and since this was Berry’s first TV interview in decades, it was a very rare opportunity to introduce him to a new generation of citizens and activists.

ProSocial set out to build partnerships with a diverse set of organizations to 1) drive tune-in to the special; and 2) extend the reach and impact beyond the broadcast, putting the content to work at the grassroots. We were amazed by how organizations lined up to support this project. From the Sierra Club and The American Humane Society to Local Harvest and Slow Food, we saw affinity groups large and small get word out to their members, followers and supporters, driving tune-in to the broadcast and unprecedented numbers of online views. Today, many of these groups are poised to get the interview out even further, as we’re building programs to share the content with rural farmers, local faith organizations and policymakers making decisions on how we will care for our Earth.

You, too, can see the interview in its entirety here. Berry is truly a gift to our nation today, and we are honored to play a part in sharing his wisdom with the public.