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We’ve Moved!

October 21, 2016

Office sweet office: ProSocial has a new home. As of October 1, we’ve relocated 2.3 miles away from the Santa Monica work space where we’ve spent the past three years. We’ve come a long way since launching out of the house of our founder and CEO, Meredith, nearly a decade ago. With two spacious floors to ourselves, this is our biggest office yet.

As an environmentalist who believes in keeping things out of the landfill, Meredith is an avid user of Craigslist, which has come in handy as we do a bit of decorating (reclaimed wood farmhouse table for team meetings? Score).

Our new address is 1625 Stanford Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404, and we’ve still got our same-as-usual phone number: (310) 826-0123.

Whether we’re working on a cause-related media project, philanthropic initiative, or corporate responsibility goal, you’ll find us here.