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Child Rescue Association of North America Child Rescue Association of North America

Our Assignment

Alberta’s Nick & Jess Larsen founded Child Rescue to combat a societal ill very close to home: child trafficking. As adults, they learned that women in their own family had been forced into prostitution as children going as far back as four generations. It was a well kept secret, yet something that continued for decades. Successful entrepreneurs Nick and Jess set their sights on ending the sexual exploitation of children in the United States and Canada, and turned to our company to help build a strategic plan for growing the organization, and to design a campaign to activate the public around this critical issue.

"Other firms also had great ideas and a big rolodex, but didn't have a proven track record of society-changing results. We were interested in long-term, nation-changing strategy, based on real facts and insights from across our industry – not an ‘ad agency style’ brainstorming session. ProSocial was therefore our number one choice." Jess Larsen
Founder and Director
Child Rescue Association of North America

It’s a crowded field, with players stretching from law enforcement and the courts to policymakers, direct service providers, nonprofit advocacy organizations, and academics; and Child Rescue was committed to adding value, not recreating the wheel. We started with deep conversations with leaders from each of these sectors, forming an advisory committee and determining which efforts were working, which ones weren’t and how the public might help fill the void. We followed this work with unprecedented public opinion research – focus groups around the continent and a national survey – exploring the public’s understanding of the issue and testing different messages, campaign concepts, and calls to action.

Our Results

Our work led us to a strategy focused at inspiring and activating the youth of the United States and Canada around this issue, educating the age demographic most closely connected to this activity and empowering the next generation of activists, advocates, and voters. Today, Child Rescue manages “Backyard Broadcast,” the first-of-its-kind movement to put youth to work in high schools across America in the fight against child sex trafficking. In the summer of 2012, Backyard Broadcast hosted its first youth summit, training selected students on the issue, advocacy skills and more. These inaugural “station chiefs” will take their lessons home with them as they launch the first Backyard Broadcast chapters in the U.S. and Canada.